Can you guess what's going on here? 😉 #BulletJournalCollection
  • tinyrayofsunshineCan you guess what's going on here? 😉 #BulletJournalCollection

  • svenimiiNo 😳😄
  • will_kennardWhat's your fave pen ever ever ever? I use G2 religiously but thinking of maybe getting a Lamy fountain...
  • blackfire149Pens by maker type and color
  • weekendwife::cough:: pen testing ::cough:: I've been in pen flux myself lately. Planner peace is more attainable than pen peace!
  • heychiuchiuCreating a catalog of all the pens you have. Maybe testing which are best for that paper, including bleeding onto the other side which is something that bothers me
  • kcthrowI did this today prepping for my new BuJu!!
  • prettyprintsandpaperYou should show the back of the page too! I want to see how things look in the L1917
  • sdee30Squee! Pen test!
  • rachael.gentryWhich is your go to???
  • tinyrayofsunshine@will_kennard Hmm, ever ever? I'm not sure...maybe once I get an extra fine nib for my Pilot vanishing point, that'll be it 😉 I enjoy fine tip pens, right now my current go to is the Pentel hybrid technica in the 03 size. It glides perfectly smooth and lasts for a while, so for now that's probably my current every day favorite pen. What about you? What's your favorite pen ever, ever?
  • tinyrayofsunshine@blackfire149 Close 😉
  • tinyrayofsunshine@heychiuchiu ding ding ding! We've got a winner 😁
  • tinyrayofsunshine@prettyprintsandpaper I will, this is part of the review I'm putting together for the Leuchtturm1917 😊
  • tinyrayofsunshine@xoxorachaelg The Pentel hybrid technica in the 03 is my current favorite 😊
  • will_kennard@tinyrayofsunshine mines always been Pilot G2 for as long as I can remember. .7 though as the .5 makes my writing even messier haha. Thinking of giving the bullet journal a go... Is it quite time consuming though?
  • tinyrayofsunshine@will_kennard Not really, just go to and watch the video and go from there. I recommend starting out with a daily page and jot down any tasks you'd like to get to today. Whatever you don't get done today moves to tomorrow and so on. Migrating is a good way to figure out whether the tasks you keep migrating are worth your time or not. After a while you'll find your groove and add or eliminate things ☺
  • will_kennard@tinyrayofsunshine awesome think I'm gonna try it out :)
  • tinyrayofsunshine@will_kennard Cool! Welcome to the awesome world of bullet journaling!
  • tellymamait makes me so happy to know that I am not the only crazy pen person out there!
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