• bump.tobabyToday I'm sharing with you on the blog "What's In Baby's Hospital Bag?", click the link on the profile to check it out!
    A HUGE thank you to @bittybdesign 's Riley for sending 3 ADORABLE burp cloths for Baby Girl! I cannot wait to use them with her! Not only is the fabric super cute, the cotton chenille backing is super absorbent and soft! I tried it with water just to see how much liquid it would hold and I'm sold! :) My husband can't believe that they're going to be used to catch spit up, he thinks they are too pretty! Not only does @bittybdesign make burp cloths, they have blankets, teethers, poppy covers and soon they will be offering leggings, which I can't wait to get my hands on a pair!!! There are many different fabrics and designs to choose from, make sure you check them out! 💗

  • kk_6278Are you going to wait until birth to reveal her name to us?
  • bump.tobaby@_kris.marie Yes I am! 😃
  • bump.tobaby@bittybdesign Thank you again! Can't wait for you to launch the leggings!! 😍😍😍
  • carly.lutherWe brought that pink crown onesie to the hospital too(: she ended up wearing it home because she was too small for the coming home outfit I brought!
  • bump.tobaby@carly.luther It's so simple but so cute!! I hope she fits into her little outfits! Fingers crossed!
  • kpena29@bump.tobaby pack baby wipes. They no longer give them to you for the baby. Instead they give you hard paper to wet and wipe baby.
  • bump.tobaby@kpena29 I heard that's what the baby needs to use at first though cause they're so sensitive, no?
  • kpena29@bump.tobaby I've had 2 kids and with both of them I used wipes since the first minute they were born. I never had an issue. I bought pampers sensitive wipes though.
  • jennarae34The hospital I delivered at gave us tons of gauze (very soft) to use as wipes for the first few weeks. We would use them with warm water, worked great. When I recently ran out of the gauze, I started using Pampers sensitive wipes.
  • bump.tobaby@kpena29 I'm all about sensitive wipes and diapers haha! 😉
  • bump.tobaby@jennarae34 Yes! I want to use the sensitive wipes AND diapers from Pampers!
  • jennarae34That's what I use.. Pampers sensitive wipes and the Pampers sensitive swaddlers 👍
  • gem_and_islaOhhh thank you for doing this! I haven't packed mine yet! xx
  • kayleek87@bump.tobaby I ordered 3 burp cloths. Can't wait. Thanks for the blog
  • bump.tobaby@kayleek87 How awesome!!! They're amazing! You'll love them! 😃
  • bump.tobabyLook @bittybdesign 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼
  • wildbloombabyI love @bittybdesign ! She's the best!!!
  • bump.tobaby@craftingprettythings She is! She makes the most beautiful baby items! 💙
  • bittybandcoY'all are making me blush!! ☺️ Thank you 😘 @bump.tobaby @craftingprettythings
  • kari2santos@mala_malu
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