Love the #vegan station at my daughter's new college! #Iowa #vegansofiowa
  • susanffvkLove the #vegan station at my daughter's new college! #Iowa #vegansofiowa

  • ameyfmHow cool!!
  • aasthamWhat college this this? Amazing! Your blog was the only vegan resource I had in college. Your daughter is lucky in so many ways
  • visuveeHow fantastic!
  • mroberts4healthThat is awesome!
  • susanffvk@aastham It's Grinnell College, a small liberal arts college in Iowa. We looked at a lot of liberal arts colleges, which are known for having good vegan options, but this was probably the best. #Grinnell
  • iamdavefarkasThis is amazing progress.
  • tat_j_ana_Times are changing! That's great!!!!
  • jessica.ripslingerI am so excited to see this! I have been to Grinell for soccer camps and we got to dine in their cafeteria, this is amazing!
  • leeser09Gives me hope for when my girls are college age!
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