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  • sharnyandjuliusAlright, here's a brutal chest workout I did yesterday for my little nephew Peter who was born last week a month early, and scored an infection while in the incubator.  He's gotta get some volume in his lungs, so I created a high volume chest workout that I could do with his cousins.  Feel free to try it, I've written it in gym language below:

    100 pushups (10 sets of 10)

    5 sets of:
    - heavy bench press to failure
    - rest pause for an extra few reps, then
    - drop set all 5 sets.

    5 sets of:
    - dumbell press to failure
    add in some leg raises to each set

    5 sets of:
    - dumbbell flys to failure
    - light bench press drop set (20 reps each time)
    - hex press to failure
    - dumbell pullovers to failure

    For more workouts you can do with your kids, check out http://fitdad.club

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  • bec_dickoMy husband & daughters watched the whole vid on FB & nearly wet ourselves with laughter at the antics!!! You seriously inspire us to be more engaged parents. Champion, you are!
  • sharnyandjulius@bec_dicko always chaos for our workouts but wouldn't have it any other way! So fun 😂😂
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