UN.REAL! What an amazing night at Red Rocks with incredible friends leading #worshipnightinamerica! Still can't get over last night. [photo by @marycarolinem]
  • christomlinUN.REAL! What an amazing night at Red Rocks with incredible friends leading #worshipnightinamerica! Still can't get over last night. [photo by @marycarolinem]

  • alwayzfabulous@juanton__gamboa
  • staceyhote@mctully #2016
  • sanderssherylMost moving experience of the night was when we were all asked to get on our knees for a concert of prayer! Powerful!
  • crysten.ballardAwesome!!!! Hey Chris..heard you met my youth.pastor and. His wife this morning! That's pretty cool!!!! @christomlin
  • clmizmoWow! That looks so cool
  • kathysmith55Such an awesome worship night at Red Rocks! My fiancé and I flew there just for this service and it was well worth it! Such an amazing night! God is sooooo good!!!
  • sillygoose999What a powerful night last night I was so moved by the Holy Spirit and thee best venue wow! Thank you Chris and Co. for listening to and obeying God's calling to do this event all across America many are coming to Christ and being blessed!!!!
  • garyschulteIt was a wonderful Christ centered night. Great words from Max and Louie.
  • cathy090410Wish we went here guys @mer814422 @_kristen_95 😔😁
  • mommamanzanaresI traveled 8 hours to see the show at Red Rocks. It was the most amazing night! I am pretty sure I cried the whole time. The Holy Spirit moved me in ways I didn't know even existed. I can't even put into words how I felt. Thank you all!
  • mumpritchSo thankful Chris, so thankful🙏🏻
  • bermobombersCan hardly wait for tomorrow night in Sacramento!!
  • haylibugs19@raptorj11
  • cindy.crenshaw@cslove7 we missed it :/
  • karlaannmoran_My mind is blown and my life is changed! Love you all so much for the experience!!
  • dougorlandoAwesome! Was just there last week. Wonderful to see , God bless 🎼🎶🎹
  • ilove1stgradeWorship Night at Red Rocks was such a powerful experience. Still reeling in it
  • mkvanallenMy soul was touched! Best experience of my life!
  • haneereyI stumbled upon your song Our God and i just broke down!!!! I thank God for your life. If i didnt come across that song, i'm probably still distant from God. That song drew me closer to Him. Thank you and I hope to see you here in the Philippines!!!!
  • jonaskuliew@danielmantay red Rocks
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