• macjulieAfter spending the last year having endless conversations about Boblo Island with my 90 year old grandmother, I finally made the trek to walk in her footsteps.
    Though the obvious differences between the Boblo I saw today & the Boblo Virginia knew are certainly staggering, the magic of the island lives on. From visions of my Grandma dancing the nights away at the dance hall in second hand wedding dresses tailored to her pre-teen size by a talented aunt to crawling on my stomach under the bleachers of the abandoned theater to find any remnant of the Boblo she knew, today was full of surprises and nostalgia for a place I had never even been to before.
    Special thanks to @ammahan for being my guide today & putting up with my endless rants about how I couldn't believe we were on Boblo Island & what a day it was.
    It's never too late to discover the magic of something that once was, especially when someone you love has memories of everything it will always be.
  • kathybondyfesslerSigh. I'd love to go on your next trip...
  • the_color_gardenerI would love to live my childhood once more with the endless weekends of fun.
  • westinli☺️
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