• zoetica🎲 Game night got metaphysical 🎲

  • merrickmonroeBetrayal?! 🏠👻💀
  • zoetica@merrickmonroe yes! Guess the traitor.
  • merrickmonroe@zoetica I feel like you're too obvious a pick so my money's on G and that stone cold stare
  • zoetica@merrickmonroe ding ding ding! Correct. I killed him in a brutal, blood-chilling showdown though.
  • merrickmonroeI freaking love that game. It's always so memorable, and SO TENSE for a tabletop game! 🔪🔪🔪
  • lil.pikaPls let's start playing Magic the gathering and then find new ppl we can play with so we get good and use our strategy skills/develop them (@pika )
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