• fuel4thebody#EbrahimAseem
  • quietspirit47Well said
  • fuel4thebodyI am NOT perfect. I'm so flawed. It's just man enough to be vulnerable & naked about my flaws. I'm nothing special. I just love myself & want all women & men to love their SELF too. @sana_lashawn
  • accountingkaitBeautiful message. Thank you for this.
  • kk_janelleThat is AMAZING! This statement is so on point! Great job @fuel4thebody I appreciate your words & transparency. Keep going brotha!
  • sana_lashawnI understand. But you don't have to be flawless to be perfect, I promise. What I'm saying is your way of thinking, you're personality and attitude to me is perfect. I don't know you personally but I can tell you, You are definite one of a kind and you know it.
  • sx.vdkI wish there were more men like you
  • amordulce90This is saying so much! Your messages are always so raw and well said! I love reading your thoughts because they truly do make me realize that I am not alone in my struggles. I am not the only woman who is so confused or hurt or tired. I am among many other GOOD women (and men) being strong for her child while trying to learn how to be strong for herself. Thank you again for your words brother.
  • una_sonadora_hermosa@jeremeydt my life..
  • jaedasyayaRight on the money
  • jeremeydt@its_rachel_rae_ really.....
  • speakinglifenotdeathWhat a mind blowing perspective, I'm speaking for every girl/woman who has gone trough this very thing, and say THANK YOU for noticing and understanding, & not running away.
  • classyladygAlways on point
  • mjean882I thank you so much @fuel4thebody for those true and powerful words. I am currently the girl you're talking about and not everyone can understand these problems. Wish men could have at least 45% of your logic and understanding
  • ms_angelstarvery well said and so relatable!!
  • oneandonlysontaVery true .. Also God gives us ability to have shalom - which is nothing broken nothing missing .. I saw both parts of the spectrum in my life being high and being low .. I realized I am the woman of my dreams and everything I need and want is already in me .. All glory is given to Jesus - Selah . Once you have claimed your identity the spirit will guide you into better relationships esp the one with yourself - once you have peace within yourself you become love therefore attracting it ..
  • elle.isabellaThis is so beautiful and inspiring @green_macolor
  • cherirosebudThese words definitely spoke to my soul!!!!
  • thisisjamae@_sue_zen_
  • thisisjamae@mochachocalatay
  • minusstimpy86Truth❣
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