• mister_alphabetA tremendous thank you to all who bent over backwards to put our #Kickstarter in the "W" column! We may not have reached the monetary goal, but you exceeded our hopes of connecting with all ages of people in design, art, and education all over the world.

    With full hearts we look forward to our continued goal of bringing Mister Alphabet to life in the safest, highest quality manner!

    As the #TravelingWilburys once said, "Well it's alllllright, we're goin' to the end of the line."

  • florasolWhat's the next step for Mister Alphabet?! How can we help? How can we Order?❤️
  • bri_reneeThis is awesome!
  • mister_alphabet@florasol thanks for your inquiry. We'll share our next steps in the coming weeks as we press on toward creating Mister Alphabet's first production run. One way to help is simply by sharing our IG page or website via other social accounts. As for ordering, visit our weblink in bio and enter your name on our email list for updates on pre-orders! Thank you!!
  • shannondawn@danielleaxtell @skaggwa look how cute this is!
  • sarahamulder@shannondawn so cool!!
  • katie_klein_moserOh I really want one! @annerbrown you'll appreciate this neat learning tool/toy!
  • coolvisualstuff@mister_alphabet just saw this --> @myinstamobile and thought it would be an awesome way to display your prod / look book so wanted to share
  • myinstamobile@coolvisualstuff thanks for the look! @mister_alphabet we LOVE your prod. 5⭐️s.
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