Floating in a sea of brick Tudors, I'm quite curious about this house's story. #omaha
  • birdhouseidFloating in a sea of brick Tudors, I'm quite curious about this house's story. #omaha

  • francis_baron_von_rhoeI love that house I see it all the time ! I'm way curious as well
  • jennapilant@dwpilant
  • eastof72ndThere is a story behind this house that I can't recall right now. It was a showcase house called the House of the Future or the House of Tomorrow. It was to showcase modern architecture and modern amenities. I can't remember exactly. If I find my info I'll pass it along. Nice pic! @birdhouseid
  • eastof72ndIt was known as the House of To-Morrow. It was a project constructed for the Omaha Junior Chamber of Commerce. It was constructed in 1936 from the design of local architect Reinholdt Hennig. According to the newspaper at the time of construction it was purchased by Una Gross who was referenced as being a local girl who moved to Hollywood to be an actress. Sorry to totally nerd out. @birdhouseid
  • cheryldyercalligraphyI love knowing this! I've been curious too!
  • birdhouseid@eastof72nd oh, man! Thanks so much for sharing that info. Very cool!
  • monasphotosI drive by this house often 😉
  • ryandellisWhy don't we still have a junior chamber that builds showcase houses?!
  • anneopeterson@eastof72nd -cool!
  • gessopaintrepeatI would love to see the inside! And thanks for the post, I have wondered about this house too.
  • definingdapperThis is one of my fav homes! So cool!
  • aleaeveAlways wondering about this one! Wish they would paint it bright yellow or hot pink though!
  • 0livergreyI want to climb it
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