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  • evonnzSo cold, but so worth the wait! 🌞🌄 Much grander in person, but here you go - the sunrise as viewed from #Penanjakan, #WonderfulIndonesia (captured with my #HTCRe camera)
    We were all onboard keeps by 230am, and reached Penanjakan by 3.30am to avoid the crowd. There are little warungs (cafes) for you to warm up and satiate your hunger at since it was a chilly 10-12 degrees before the break of dawn (pop mie! milo!) Sunrise began at 5:20am approximately, but we were there much earlier to get a good seat, as were everyone (since this was easy to get to, hence the crowd), and all you need is good company (and good wind proof clothes) while you wait!
    Thankful for the wonderful guides and planners #GarudaIndonesiaSG had planned for us because if not there would be about a thousand heads in this video! 💖 #evonnzinIndonesia #NuffnangSGxGarudaxVITO #NuffnangSG

  • cyntillatingWow like Nat geo
  • helloeveryday😍
  • cardenas_d_@rsvnr this is how videos look like w the update!
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