• punch_robot“Hello, old friend,” the robot respectfully punches you back. “Good to see you. Lemonade?” Your cyborg friend offers a cool, refreshing beverage. Drink the lemonade? Or decline?

  • fonzys_jacketYum
  • farrsydeDope!
  • watertribesonThe robot can't register your voice so why would it talk to you? The robot must not be able to see since it kills you so why does it have eyes and serve drinks?
    Very disappointed Old Spice. First the Denali scent and now this. #rip #refund
  • blahberhies@pakoalderete
  • todd_daniels17Couldn't register his voice because it was to timid @watertribeson
  • gasiormichalWasn't this suppose to be the other way around? I just punched him for crying out loud!
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