• kassius.ohnoEcstatic to make my return to the UK & here's when & where you can find me over the next 10 days. Don't be shy, come say hey~!

  • wrestlingworld_Might try and get to the Walsall one 😋 Saw you last November in Birmingham against Marty Scurrl, brilliant match 👍🏻
  • kassius.ohno@wrestlingworld_ might?! Do it!
  • cal_lexYou're a social media monster. Dude plugs his dates, his merch and his face, plus fits in a nice lil fan service in the description, in the same post. bah gawd
  • wrestlingworld_@thechrishero I'll do my best 👍🏻😄
  • armbarwrestlingWhy no RevProUK? #Uprising. ACH still hasn't got a match for it! #WeWantHero!
  • everydayislike.sundayAh man I wish you came closer to me. Problems of living right in the Northernest North part of England. Really wish I could see you, dude, good luck nonetheless I hope all goes well x
  • kassius.ohno@calilexrussell this is thanks to the mighty @christofarr He's been grinding out GFX for me a decade now.
  • kassius.ohno@armbarwrestling RevPro has reached out many times & unfortunately the dates have never lined up. Love their product & itd be a pleasure to make it there someday v
  • armbarwrestling@thechrishero Awesome man! York Hall is probably my favourite venue. Also, I did an interview over E-Mail with Tommy End earlier, would you be up for one next week, with questions asked for by fans?
  • elite_indy_fanHope you come back and do FIP a couple more times down in Ybor!
  • johnnyweir87Tiger is awesome
  • bozzersCome for a cuppa when you're in Walsall.
  • reelbigeddyManaged to see you wrestle in Canada, but never my home country. I feel ashamed!
  • ckpunk@thechrishero You were awesome against Speedball at PWG! So glad to see you kicking ass!
  • prowrestlingchaosSee you Saturday ;)
  • wonderwomanfromthe617👌🏽👍🏽
  • _.ameer_ahmed10Dunno if ur going to respond but do u remember me front that Bristol show. I was that kid who brought posters and got u to sign it and I said to u that "I can't believe I'm meeting u. I'm kinda hyperventilating!"
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