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  • deweynielsen#Valslide Squat to Cossack Squat. Don't try it... Create the joints FIRST and do it. #functionalrangeconditioning #controlyourself #mobility #FRC #functionalanatomyseminars #impactperformancetraining

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  • ruffolousWhy would you say not to try it? How does one know if they're prepared if they don't try?
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  • ebruyalt@sidneywilson4 this guy kills it! Tried these! Definitely feel them!
  • deweynielsen@ruffolous My vids are demonstrations of what is possible with good joints and articular health. This video for example.... If one had poor dorsiflexion of the ankle, or poor knee Flexion.... or hip capsule that isn't functioning, this movement isn't going to go well for them. Similarly, if the tissues involved don't have the load-bearing capacity to absorb the forces placed on the, an injury is the result. Then we end up where the fitness industry always loves to go and claim that "this exercise is dangerous". How someone knows if the are prepared or not is what we cover in the FRC along with HOW to prepare.
  • ruffolous@deweynielsen I get you man. You're one of my favorite fitness people. I understand what might not go well in trying something like this, but isn't it as simple as "can't do, fall on your ass" ? To assume someone will get hurt by attempting a movement also assumes that there would be no novelty in movement... it's as if there no such thing as auto-regulation. I know you're a huge part of this FRC system, but there are other ways of figuring out if you can do something. I really dig the videos you guys post, but as an outsider, it felt like you were saying, "if you're not in the club, you can't try this." That was a hard pill to swallow for someone who learns from trying. Mustn't your assessment of how well you control a movement start from an attempt at performing it?
  • deweynielsenThank you @ruffolous . My point is certainly not "if you're not in the club, you can't try this". I can't interpret threat from my words so hopefully others aren't. The conversation of body preparation is deeper than I can offer on this platform. I don't subscribe to the idea of doing a movement must start with attempting the movement.... The first step is to have the active range of motion in each individual articulation involved in the desired movement WITHOUT load. That is prerequisite number one. Prerequisite number two is to have the load absorption capability in the tissues to absorb the force delivered from the desired movements. Load > tissue absorption capacity = injury. Practicing a movement ONLY works if one has the prerequisites laid down in the first place.... Which in most cases is so far from the reality. Some movements can be attempted without the prerequisites and have the only negative be falling on your ass (always depending on the individual). Other movements won't be as nice....
  • deweynielsen*that not threat 😊
  • ruffolous@deweynielsen I know! Having actually met and conversed with you it seemed so unlike you... I thought you'd been tainted. Glad to confirm it's not true ;) I hope to interact and learn from all you FRC celebs at your facility come April.
  • deweynielsenThat would be awesome @ruffolous !! 😊🙌
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  • madaoslo_photo@nick_teamphysix han fyren her bør du følge om du ikke gjør det ennå!
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  • sean2smoothExcuse me sir how do you crest the joints by doing Pails rails and cars?
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