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  • skofitThe kettlebell swing is my favorite exercise, but took me months to learn. Even after I finally got it, I am still continuing to refine it. When done correctly, it is a great ballistic movement that combines strength, conditioning, and mobility work. It's an efficient exercise because you don't need a lot of time or space. Some points to consider:
    ✅ It is a hinge, not a squat. ✅ At the bottom of the swing, your shoulders higher than hips and your hips higher than your knees. There should not be any flexion in your spine. ✅ At the top of the swing, your body should be planking and forming a straight line. Your upper body should not lean back at the top of a swing. Get tall!
    ✅ Your arms are simply guiding the bell, but your hips are generating the power of the movement. You should not be pulling the bell with your arms. I see people getting the bell to chest height, but with their back extended. This is no bueno!
    ✅ If you are new to kettlebells, make sure you learn from a properly certified instructor. Learn the hinge and deadlift first.
    📹 from @drmarkcheng's #PrehabRehabCHI this past March. Learn this and much more at his next workshop In Chicago November 21-22! Early Bird pricing ends August 8!
    For registration info, email me at suzanne@skofit.com
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  • roberto_el_turriKettlebell exercises are the best! I do love how our instructor teaches us! I just posted a pic of our new 40kg kettlebell! 😃
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