• samantharonson#regram from @itsashbenzo everyone loves @sweetbabyjamie.....

  • shackyloveall the cigarettes = blechhhh but everything else #amazing
  • nnelsoncShe's the 🐝s knees
  • lala0386Is that Rashida Jones there?!
  • lynnjenny2Looks like a good time! You seem like a sweet person and know how to be a friend, because you have a lot of them! That says so much about a person. Even with the great career and money you are blessed with. Some stars loose themselves and you didn't! Which is good to see. Real Down to earth. I love all the cool shit you post, then I buy for my step daughter. I even bought a few bracelets from your Mom who is an amazing artist. I have never seen such a talented family. Uptown funk love! The Cadillac sweatshirt I can't tell you how many I have bought. My niece loves charlotte's line she thinks she is young. Sorry for running my mouth. I think we got off on the wrong foot. I did say how hard you work and you do deserve it! I am not a jealous person or hater. I make good money myself. I am a CFO for a 30 million dollar non profit organization. So I mean no where near what you make but I own a house on the beach in NJ and my home in a section of philly called Chestnut Hill and some rental properties so I do ok. That's how I was able to buy your Mom's jewelry. I think 2/3 of my synagogue went to New York because they had to have😃
  • carlosericlopez❤️❤️❤️
  • maxxrobertPicnic table? The best.
  • anndexterjonesdesign#somanybeautifulfamiliarfacesihavenotseeninawhile #Lovelightandmarsbars
  • anndexterjonesdesign@lynnjenny2 #thankyouforshoppingandsweetwords
  • muscularcalvesOld school meets new school @samantharonson
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