Ngesa Marvin is the CEO of a startup company caled SoftBallot. Their vision is to shape the next generation elections by ensuring secure electronic and online voting. Ngesa is a highly motivated electrical and electronic engineering student from Nairobi. His dream is to revolutionise Kenyan elections by allowing voting to be done on an online platform visible and usable by every Kenyan. SoftBallot was selected to be one of the finalists at Pivot East 2015, a premier startups competition in East Africa. 
Life in Africa is changing at a speed never seen before, yet this goes largely unnoticed because the world still looks at it through a traditional lens. To counter this, home-grown initiatives are popping up, sending a different picture of Africa to the world, and to Africans themselves - because their own perception of themselves is key for social development and innovation. #Nairobi #Kenya #Africa @ngesamarvin254 @soft_ballot
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