Tap video for sound
  • elisejoytaped wall time lapse for those asking for a tutorial. there is no trick other than embrace imperfection. this takes ten minutes or less. I get it secured to one side, then pull loosely to the other side, keeping it away from the wall. then I line up the other side, pull tight and attach. last I smooth it out which is easy because it was pulled tight. worst case? you step back and it looks bad so you redo it. this tape is removable and forgiving.

  • ashleykissingerLove this! Great job 👊🏼
  • kriley___I've been wanting to do a renter friendly re-do in my living room. This may be it!
  • calikatrinalove!
  • elizabethrosemondMinimal effort, MAXIMUM impact. Love it!
  • elisejoy@farr.a.h nope!
  • ocnietcieAh ah I was imagining measuring everything every ten centimeters! Embracing imperfections! Great!
  • twitchettsOmg. I'm so doing this in the kiddos room!!
  • elisejoy#ohdshop
  • glangston23What kind of tape is it? @elisejoy
  • lolliboop@elisejoy what color tape did you buy. my daughter is in love with those colors
  • elisejoy@glangston23 mt casa
  • elisejoy@lolliboop I think mint peach and orange but it's much more red. They came from @ohhappydaypartyshop and there are just a few options
  • cozythreadscoThis is such a good idea. I painted stripes on my wall when I was in school and it was a nightmare. This looks way less stressful and just as cute haha
  • ashpweepI found this flamingo washi and thought of you! https://www.etsy.com/listing/237466384/flamingo-washi-tape-wide-25mm-florida
  • melissaaffleckThis would be cool in your play room @kendragilbert
  • melissa_varela15@juliaelisexoxo
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