#alien going very well. Love this project
  • neillblomkamp#alien going very well. Love this project

  • stankansasIf it's true what I'm hearing, God bless you. The first 5 minutes of Alien 3 made me lose my mind. After all we invested in those characters, to kill them was cruel.
  • aurorborIm waiting for your new film! I see it all, and it's wonderfull and incredible! Thank you for you works! And I want to hope, may be you will be interesting to do project about Fallout world. I think it's your way, work for you.🙌
  • sidthekid76@eyelessheretic
  • richarddone777Can't wait for this to get made its what we aliens fans are waiting for
  • abbyshemesh@neillblomkamp fuck Ridley Scott and A-Covenant - we want your movie!!!! #fuckridleyscott
  • dinelsoncolaresMuito bom
  • bobbyrebholzI'm perfectly willing to ignore part 3 and that crapfest of a part 4. Hicks and Newt should never have been killed off. I know Fincher is a good director but he messed up bad with Alien 3.
  • yesh_met_productions🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 @neilblomkamp cannot wait for this to finally happen
  • film_fanaticcollector@bobbyrebholz yeah you mean the studio messed up bad with Alien3, not the great Fincher, one of the reason that movie is consider great as time passes was not only because of the score and acting it was because of Fincher
  • charbaldwinn@neillblomkamp these are my favourite films, I can't wait to see what you do ! Xx
  • shayan007@philgpm
  • the_duke_and_2_sons@luisnostromo
  • carmelinteriorWe await the future of this project ! Keep going for it , try make it happen! Sigourney weaver " ripley " needs an epic finale !
  • ermanno.itPlease don't vive
  • ermanno.itSorry don't give up , neill !It could be a great project and your concept art is amazing.....I hope the project Will happen!
  • bettikaaaw@neillblomkamp I just read Alien 5 will probably cancelled. Isn't it possible to make an animation movie? You could record the voices and work on the animaton until Mr. Scott produces his Alien movies. I would pay for an animatic horror-scifi-action movie if it looks like this pic! I promise! :)
  • si_perry@neillblomkamp Alien5 so needs too happen it would be amazing too see this continue straight after aliens hicks newt & ripley the story is so left open alien & aliens were so well made Alien5 can't be cancelled everybody was so stoked about alien 5 being made👍🏻😉
  • deryasujanasenPlease, please, please make it come true!!!
  • petebennettukThis will happen ... neil told me at a dinner party
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