THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED: Take a trip down memory lane with us and enter to win a copy of our new book celebrating #SesamePlace throughout the years! Comment with your favorite Sesame Place memory using the hashtag #SesamePlaceBookContest then check back on 7/21 to see if you're a winner! 
We can't wait to read all your fun memories!
  • sesameplaceTHIS CONTEST HAS ENDED: Take a trip down memory lane with us and enter to win a copy of our new book celebrating #SesamePlace throughout the years! Comment with your favorite Sesame Place memory using the hashtag #SesamePlaceBookContest then check back on 7/21 to see if you're a winner!
    We can't wait to read all your fun memories!

  • mar1229I love that I brought my daughters to Sesame Place in the 80's and 90's and now get to enjoy it all over again with my grandchildren! Love Sesame Street and Sesame Place!! #sesameplacebookcontest
  • ju1ia_gulia#sesameplacebookcontest my favorite memory was taking my 2 year old daughter to sesame place around Christmas time to see all the beautiful decorations. She was so mesmerized by the beautiful decorations and the characters. I will never forget the happiness and smile she had all day. That smile will always replay for me every time we go to sesame place.
  • ladypotter23#sesameplacebookcontest My favorite memory is from our visit there 2 years ago. We were waiting for a liver transplant for our then 9 year old daughter and we took a weekend vacation. One of our stops was Sesame Place because no one in our family had been there before. It was the best day! Our favorite part was Breakfast with Elmo and his friends. My husband and I became kids again seeing all of the faces we grew up with and our kids loved being able to eat with Abby, The Count, Cookie Monster, Elmo and everyone that was there. We got to have a day where we were able to forget about how sick our daughter Sydney was and we were able to have fun! Just being there was amazing 😊
  • jessicadaniellexMy favorite memory occurred this summer. I grew up going to Sesame Place and it will always be a part of my favorite childhood memories. This summer I got to take my two year old, who is currently obsessed with Sesame. Seeing the smiles and excitement on his face was priceless. It was amazing to share something with him that used to be so special to me 😊
  • lindaloupikWhen Abby Cadabby was introduced, she was an instant favorite with my oldest daughter. On a recent visit, we bumped into Abby by Hoopers Store and my oldest daughter, now 10 years old, couldn't wait to take her baby sister to meet Abby! She held her all through the line and had the biggest smile on her face when they finally had their chance to hug Abby and take a photo. Her sweetness and enthusiasm to share her favorites with her sister isn't just a favorite #SesamePlace memory, it's a favorite mommy memory! #sesameplacebookcontest
  • living_laughing_loving_rsHow do I pick just one when they're all so fresh in my memory! We just got back from our first Sesame Place trip a week ago. The look on our son's face was unforgettable as he first set sight on "Elmo Street" and as the characters walked out to his first Sesame Place show. However, my absolute favorite memory from last week was Dinner with Elmo and Friends. Our son was completely speechless and the excitement on his face was unforgettable. All he could do was hug each character over and over. He had the chance to count with Count. He was so proud of himself when Cookie Monster accepted his cookie. Abby willing gave him hug after hug and posed for many picture. Elmo and Big Bird were a blast to dance with and also gave countless hugs. All in all, it was such a great time! #sesameplacebookcontest
  • sbeheler23#sesameplacebookcontest when I was little I used to love climbing the nets riding in the big bird river. My little ones now love the lazy river and the rubber ducky water slide. Parade is always a big hit!!
  • some_dance_to_rememberMy favorite memory of @sesameplace is from a recent trip. My 4 and 3 year olds finally got up enough courage to ride the vapor trail. Upon reviewing the photo their faces were priceless. They both stated that they liked it but also both stated that they didn't want to go on it again haha. We will stick to the balloons for a bit longer! #sesameplacebookcontest
  • jenny_michalowski#sesameplacebookcontest I have some of the most beautiful pictures of myself as a little one playing in the ball pit and on the slides with my mom. Images I will treasure forever.
  • chemwhiz3#sesameplacebookcontest the best memory I have is from our trip there this past weekend. Seeing my 2.5 year old's eye light up when he saw the characters made my day. It's a moment I will treasure forever
  • rayjay530#sesameplacebookcontest watching my daughter meet elmo for the first time and seeing her eyes light up (that's my favorite as a parent) as a kid my favorite was going for press day the week that vapor trail opened and being one of the first to ride the coaster
  • vanessa884#sesameplacebookcontest we were just there this past weekend as a last-minute family weekend getaway and my favorite memory was watching my kids have so much fun on the rides and my daughter getting pulled into dance at the nighttime parade ...the smile on her face was priceless cannot wait to go again love Sesame Place❤️❤️
  • jennl38#sesameplacebookcontest my best memory was going in preschool on a trip. I don't remember much but I do remember this jump house that was yellow with blue dots. And how I loved seeing Elmo & big bird. I just took my daughter over the weekend for the 1st time (she is 2 and a half) and she loved it. I know created new memories with her and can't wait to take her again!!!!
  • gemineye61#sesameplacebookcontest my favorite #sesameplace moment was last year when it was my daughter's, husband's and my first time there and we all LOVED the parade (next month will be my son's first time)
  • kev_n_emis_mom#sesameplacebookcontest my favorite memory was meeting my husband at the park 18 years ago! ( I was a Merchandise employee for 9 seasons, he worked in the warehouse)
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