• apolisEvery Tuesday a small group of the #Apolis team gathers for an hour to align on goals for the week and literally talk openly about praise and improvements. We believe we have the most capable and inspiring team on the planet🌎 and invite you to learn a little bit about everyone by following the link in our profile.

    Also, follow us on SnapChat ("apolisglobal") as Apolis co-founder @sheaparton shows you a few behind-the-scenes clips from today's office meeting at @CommonGalley & our office next door, located in the Arts District of #DTLA.

  • apolisAlways missing @danielcurran & @hilmarskagfield😥
  • _chrissantFantastic
  • gardenofglamLet's get some ladies at that table!
  • danielcurran👋🏽
  • apolis@gardenofglam You got to meet @apparelmaven, she is our accounting manager and sadly not in this photo, but she dominate the Apolis office🙋
  • apparelmavenCommon Galley sounds about right🍳 but usually we meet @commongallery . Yea, why am I always missing from the photo op? #bestkeptsecret
  • apolis@apparelmaven So true! #BestKeptSecretOn🌎
  • hilmarskagfield✌🏻️
  • kai.i0How can you have the most capable & inspiring team on the planet with literally no women & just a table of attractive white dudes? 👐
  • apolisExplore URL 👉apol.is/our-team
  • apolis@___kai So true! All thanks to @apparelmaven who sadly😥 is not in this archive photo. Our accounting manager @apparelmaven is the best, she brings so much to our team, wish she was in this photo!
  • kai.i0Don't blame your poor accounting mgr! Your market has no gender — just hire a couple of female strategists & bump up your babe levels (+capacity / inspiration)
  • apparelmaven@apolis 💁🏻😘
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