A scanvenir is an object made from a 3D scan captured on vacation and fabricated at home.

If you're ever traveling through the Ozark Mountains, you might stumble across establishment containing a comprehensive collection of knick-knacks and doo-dads. Row after delightful row of shelves stacked to the top with souvenirs of all shapes and sizes. 
It’s hard to imagine that anything you can't buy in this cathedral of commerce, but standing in a corner, 6-feet tall with a curious look in its eye, is a splendid sculpture of cat. A small sign in its shadow reads, “Not for sale.” For sale or not for sale, it doesn’t really matter, for you are a savvy citizen of the 21st Century! Pulling out your trusty 3D scanner, you quickly and easily capture the likeness of this tall Tomcat free of charge.

Returning home, refreshed and enlightened from your travels, you send that very same 3D model to your handy 3D printer and moments later you hold in your hands the world’s first SCANVENIR!

This is sneak peak of just one of the pieces I have in the #SUPERSTRATA show at @TheCompoundGallery in Oakland, CA opening 7/18. Come check it out! With work from incredible 21st century minds like @tomburtonwood, @stevenfragale, @rrael, @fredini and @hoowly you're sure to find something that will make you think!
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