• 24kGoing Further With @Ford Road Trips In Nevada, Utah, Arizona & California http://bit.ly/1GWPpbg - My newest driving post about recent travels. This is a Mustang GT V8 5.0 I drove to the Palace of Fine Arts & Lombard St in San Francisco. 🚗 #FordTrends #GoFurther #travel

  • vegasbillIconic 🚘 Mustang and the Palace if Fine Arts in San Francisco. Very fun.
  • 24kmedia@vegasbill It was a fun trip!
  • mikesuppleLiving dangerously taking that photo in a no stopping zone! :)
  • 24k@mikesupple That cone was so others knew not to park there. It was a special area for me to park in. A perk for being with Ford that day. 😃
  • cshinodaExcellent composition💛❤️💙
  • 24k@mexicandude So much fun.
  • 24k@cshinoda I appreciate it Carl!
  • mexicandude@24k I bet! I've driven the ecoboost version. Fun indeed! Enjoy your road trip
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