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  • rhodesreedDon't forget to check out the behind the scenes video from our @broadway_style feature! The full vid is in my profile link! #Slowmomakeseverythingbetter @chantel_riley @thelionking @aladdin @nathanjohnsonny @jamesbrowniii

  • songbird_zaryYou're amazing!!! I look up to you so much!! You're killing it in Aladdin!!
  • ijpagetThe over the shoulder gaze is SEVERELY WERRRRKING
  • myla_anderson_Omg @rhodesreed I saw your show last night at the New Amsterdam theatre you and the whole cast were amazing and I cried because you guys represent the most amazing Disney classics and I bawled my eyes out but my group had to leave and I wanted your autograph so bad but we had to leave. And I am just so amazed and still shocked that I saw the show. You and Adam and the genie did amazing and I loved every minute of it. If I could I would watch it over and over again. Again you are an amazing actress and I would love to see the show again.
  • jordyn._.melnykFierce @rhodesreed ! I see comments about you, and I want to say thank you for inspiring so many young people out there like me. Your living the dream and working it, so thanks!
  • theatreemilyI love it
  • rhodesreedHahaaaa @ijpaget
  • rhodesreed@myla_marie3 @pitch_jump thank you sooo much for the love! It means so much to me!!
  • myla_anderson_Omg @rhodesreed you are so very welcome and you and the whole cast deserve it and did u hear the applause after friend like me. We kept it going because every single one of you are so very talented!!!
  • jordyn._.melnykAww, you are so welcome! You do inspire people, and keep doing it! You are my dream actress! @rhodesreed
  • danceismEverything!!!!!!
  • msnyelaOh? Oh. 👏🏾🙌🏾
  • davidbperlmanNice!!
  • machara.rSaw you in Aladdin today and your talent and dedication truly inspired me💖
  • acarpzYOU WERE AMAZING!!! And SO SPARKLY!!!!!!!! I just saw you !!!!! Loved it!!!
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