• fuel4thebodyI know my wife is out there somewhere,

    as creative as me, as inappropriatly goofy as me, as health conscious, athletic, intelligent & spiritual as me, loves children like me & abstinent while single until marriage just like me. 💍👰🏿💒 #EbrahimAseem

    I know she wants me to be preparing for her right now, not behaving like a male whore while single, sleeping with every girl on Instagram & Snap Chat. #EbrahimAseem

    My sisters taught me to be LOYAL to my wife even before we meet. So I won't waste her time stringing her along. I will court her, marry her & daily reassure her I want only her for infinity forevers. I want the same for all the 1000s of young men I #SpeakLife into every week. There are millions of good men like us bro & we deserve to be husbands & fathers, not baby daddies. #‎EbrahimAseem‬ #AtWorkCooking #SeafoodPasta #12HourShift #BowTieChef 🍤🍝🍴
  • kno.zeeI think there are more good men out here then good women. It's hard out here for decent men. If the man doesnt care about your bodyy shape, your salary or who you know, most women domt
  • kno.zeeKnow what to do. I have 3 gorgeous cousins looking and women think sex and money is how u keep him. We have got to be better ladies!
  • trinakat_15Amen, this gives me hope and encourages me to continue doing what I am doing. It's refreshing to know that some men still desire to court and marry. I stopped trying to explain to people my desire to be courted b/c I get a lot of negative feedback...go figure. Your future wife will be a happy and blessed woman .
  • msshante777Those freckles. Haha. 😊
  • demarieluv🙏🏽👑
  • naii_0505Well said!
  • lalagramWhere do I sign up? 😆
  • magnolia_lionessIt's so refreshing to see that a MAN thinks and lives by what you said. Wow, maybe the first. That is awesome! @fuel4thebody
  • hgg_boutiqueHe does exist!
  • mariecocochanelAmen...
  • eveeez@nats_b_c no to baby daddies 🙆
  • vickikrush😊
  • windy_indy@dude_wdlth 🙌🏾🙌🏾😇😅
  • coachtee_👌🏾👌🏾
  • beauti2hisbeastI think you're adorable and I really appreciated your uplifting words. I hope you find someone worthy of you. Thank you so much
  • queencenithia@red_headjuju
  • kelasocrazyWhat I need in my life lol @pearlyygirly
  • pearlyygirlyLol! @kelasocrazy
  • lady_gizelle@gregoryclemensjr
  • lashayadyou are such an awesome person
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