I came home to this box of goodies from @loving_earth and @nourishnotpunish today, and had to take a quick snap so me and my boyfriend could give them all a try before work 😜 Thank you so much guys, I love all of it! 💕😄 Especially after these past few days, I'm feeling so lucky! My Ben surprised me with a 3 day getaway to a remote village, which I got to explore with him and spend quality time with him, then after a beautiful couple of days, I came home to this lovely parcel I won, as well as some parcels from my family in England 💜 Australia is an amazing country, and I am so lucky I get to live here, and I am lucky to have an amazing boyfriend and an uber-loving and supportive family behind me too 😊 A bit of a rant but I'm just feeling so thankful today! 😁
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