@artymoments asked about people's #ortjar pics. Here's my (very full) one :)
  • lollynoses@artymoments asked about people's #ortjar pics. Here's my (very full) one :)

  • stitchingstaceyWow that is full! Do you ever squash your threads down? If I look at my jar from the bottle, the bottom few layers have squashed down and they look gorgeous, so I'm thinking I may build mine up so high then squash them down.
  • lollynosesI do squash a little bit - mostly so there's room for more. I'm thinking of using them for making bird nest supply projects with the kiddos I work with
  • stitchingstacey@lollynoses I didn't see this message Hun, sorry. That's a great idea. What age do you work with? I used to work in a nursery, mainly with 2 year olds.
  • lollynoses@artymoments 3-8 year olds with autism, those little ones are fun!
  • stitchingstaceyAww you must have lots of patience for that.
  • lollynoses@albiongould here's my ort jar - just a cheap flower vase
  • albiongouldIt's so pretty! Thanks for sharing!
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