Probably one of the hardest decisions I've ever made was walking away from this life and starting over.  I'm still ashamed for staying as long as I did. 💔 #domesticviolenceawareness
  • jennareneefitProbably one of the hardest decisions I've ever made was walking away from this life and starting over. I'm still ashamed for staying as long as I did. 💔 #domesticviolenceawareness

  • phoebemacdowell@senpaischy
  • paigemeno93@taylormeno takes a strong woman to walk away from this kind of situation. Mad respect and prayers for you @jennareneefit
  • deez_journey@paigemeno93 your actually taking her word for realize she was harassing Rousey non stop before this happened. Obv this was setup.
  • paigemeno93@deez_journey I just don't believe that a woman would make something as terrible as being beaten by their spouse up. You can think whatever you want.
  • deez_journey@paigemeno93 being female doesn't make her a saint, photos tell you nothing about how she really is. She prob has more issues then you think. Theres the real person, then theres a public figure, its pretty reasonable to be skeptic on this.
  • martan80well, makes me think she was probably in bdsm relationship with him, and she being submissive, and only coming out with this once she find out he was cheating on her....true might be different but seeing them as a couple. it makes sense. only she knows
  • imjackssmirkingrevenge@rouseyrevolution jealous of what? You? lol @jennareneefit hotter than you are Ronda!
  • jennareneefit@mycleanlifestylechoice is that what happened?? Because I'm pretty sure I remember leaving him with the clothes off my back and he begged me to come home. But thanks for your side of the story as well. As an outsider with no clue it really means a lot.
  • sheniellg@katiefoster91
  • racheyr1@mycleanlifestylechoice you should literally be ashamed of yourself especially as a woman .... I commend her for sharing her tragedy it happens to those you would never think ! From the outside you'd never guess she was dealing with abuse and it shows to never be silent speak up and get yourself help! She is a public figure that many look up to so by her going public she's only helping those in similar situations !!!! You have no clue and should get over yourself @jennareneefit I'm sorry you have to deal with idiots like this
  • racheyr1Wow and reading some of these other negative comments as a woman that had been abused myself makes me sick to my stomach those of you that don't know just don't get it
  • stephanie_rheaI don't think people understand. Not only do they physically abuse you but mentally as well. It takes years to recover. I was once in a horrible relationship. When you love someone you always see the good. There comes a point that you are scared to leave in fear of them finding you. My ex stalked me. I was so afraid to even go out. When my hubby and I first dated, i would keep looking over my shoulder to make sure I wasn't being followed and when he first tried to hold my hand or touch my face I would flinch every time. I honestly believe people have no idea unless you've been there. I applaud you for taking up courage and leaving @jennareneefit 🙌🙌
  • the1udown4People like that ignorant ho "my clean lifestyle choice" are why I can't with people sometimes. It's like she was there or some shit. Jenn is pressing charges through the state of CA now so we'll see what they think. Glad Browne got his butt handed to him by Velazquez right now, either way!
  • jtmankey@the1udown4 the story ended tho.. did she ever really press charges? Or was she lying about that?
  • the1udown4@jtmankey no charges filed yet so she could be lying. Like I said, speculation isn't cool but I waited to see when she would file and the UFC investigation ended over a year now. I can't take her seriously anyway because she supports Trump. She's pissed about Browne cheating but supports a serial cheater who was violent with his first wife, plays musical wives and wishes he could date his daughter. No logic. Might as well vote for Browne; he'd actually be much better.
  • sicknastiiiIts funny how she's wearing different clothes lmao
  • jennareneefit@sicknastiii why is that funny? First of all these were all different times, it wasn't just a one time thing... and last I checked bruises last longer than one change of clothes. Wtf is wrong with you?
  • sicknastiiiWell from first hand experience im not just going to believe a pretty face, have you ever hit or abused him?
  • niknakpartysnackYou seem like a beautiful soul & such an inspiration to be around 🙏🏻💪🏼
  • satansredrocket@jennareneefit the only way I'll beat you, is for you to have my babies. Lol you are beautiful, and stay strong.
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