Do you want a free Jigglypuff? Of course you do, so let me tell you how. Presents the #JigglyJohnny Contest

Win a new Jigglypuff Amiibo in three easy steps

1.  Follow me @Johnny_iucci

2.  Like this photo

3.  Repost this photo with #JigglyJohnny and #Amiibo

A winner will be randomly selected no later than June 14th or when I hit 500 followers, I will double check to make sure you
are still following me before the winner is selected. If I can't confirm, I will reselct. This is for the US only, If you are from
Canada I will see if I can still make it happen.  If you already follow me you still have to do steps 2 and 3.
#jigglyjohnny #amiibo #nintendo #giveaway #pokemon #jigglypuff #smashbros #wiiu #videogames
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