Deep dimples by the Mississippi
  • braidsmusicDeep dimples by the Mississippi
  • manny_perezDeep in the dimples, the B sides
  • vicmasters😍😍😍
  • chocolatehealyso cute 💓
  • chloe.jiovenaleI'm in love with you I swear
  • flourish_perishBb 💕
  • votremuseHeart eyes 😍😍😍
  • votremuseTaste is my favorite song of yours
  • virago_the_ancient_child@braidsmusic My beautiful crystal friend!!!! Hope you all are doing mighty fine this passing spring time!
  • kaylinweedAlways so cute 💓
  • abovenziWhat's up in nola? @braidsmusic
  • morflannelcan't wait for yall to come to DC!!
  • claireboularesEnjoy your US tour and come back very soon to Europe 💖 I missed you in Paris last April 29th 😭😭😭
  • chubygewseskruberLoved seein you guys in Salt Lake City. You guys are so nice and friendly, plus your music is incredible as well. WIN WIN.
  • drmorgusStop being perfect, Raphaelle! :) So nice to finally say hello to you last night. And thank you so much for this tour. I loved every second of the 3 shows I went to. I love this band with all of my heart and soul. Met Austin and Taylor after the show, and like you, they couldn't have been nicer. Bought all 3 CDs, and Austin seemed so grateful. You're all very special people, and @braidsmusic has my support forever. Safe travels on the rest of the tour! Have loads of fun and please come back soon!
  • thakur_sanice
  • hunterdeblancHey man, you guys were awesome last night in New Orleans. Really enjoyed the performance and music.
  • achayeseaYou guys killed it tonight in Atlanta! Please come back 💕
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