Funerals in Nepal are a multi-sensory experience. It doesn’t matter where you live in the world, what your religion is or what your cultural practices are that dictate the rituals for this occasion – they are always devastating…they are a final goodbye. The most final of final. 
I spent the afternoon yesterday in Nayabazar with my camera. 
I heard the cymbals first, then the smell of incense, and then the wailing. Gut-wrenching wailing, of the procession of women (mother, wife, sisters of the deceased) that preceded the marigold covered body of a deceased man who had succumbed to injuries sustained from the earthquake. It’s a sound you can’t unhear… 
The procession moved slowly passed me. I kept to the back of a large group of mourners. A series of rituals were followed out before the body was set on fire – and his soul freed to start its next adventure. 
At 5.19pm, minutes after the fire was started, another severe aftershock shook the city. Mourners scattered for a nearby road that was open and clear of tall buildings -fear replacing the tears.
Photo by @samreinders
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