Today's #philipsairfryer #salmon, 180 deg at 15 min for frozen steak. Tis finally more tender. Thanks @lizzaeh!
  • stooffiToday's #philipsairfryer #salmon, 180 deg at 15 min for frozen steak. Tis finally more tender. Thanks @lizzaeh!
  • stooffiAlso too lazy to upload in 3s already...
  • terencethenHaha will 5mins of just tomatoes and garlic first be better? Then after that put in fish and rosemary 15mins.that way the garlic and tomatoes will be more charred and sweet and fish not overcook
  • stooffi@terencethen actually the garlic and tomatoes taste good! Not too charred actually wait I don't understand. If cook 5 min only how come more charred
  • alack_ofcolour@stooffi i think @terencethen meant you start cooking the garlic and tomatoes 5 minutes before you put the fish in
  • terencethenHahaha 5mins alone to bruise and release fravour. Then take out throw in salmon and rosemary then close further 15mins total 20mins. I saw your 20mins one.the garlic and tomatoes look so gud. Btw Air fryer good???
  • stooffi@terencethen @alack_ofcolour I appreciate sia! Ok next round I try. Yes good can cook everything can bake even but I very lazy so I just like to no prep and go. I am having problems cooking baby corn. Want to try the bacon and egg cups!
  • it haz baking settings and also " deep" fying settings? Dats gud
  • stooffi@terencethen it's basically like a convection oven liddis
  • sillyfeliBabe nice to use ma?
  • stooffi@sillyfeli yes! And I hate cooking you will probably have more use for it lol
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