• chocolatesoopThe final spot of 5 is locked! Congrats!!! @hebbyk - I want to say congrats again to all the winners! #MASSIVE thank you to @wacom @astutegraphics @lazynezumipro for their support and making the DSKs possible. So much amazing art and artists out there. Thanks to everyone for helping to make this March a growing success. I can't wait until next year!!! Keep making those awesome robots! MARCH ON!!! #marchofrobots #creativelife

  • 9ior9@albertonavasphoto
  • augiewanAgain, thank you so much for choosing me as one of the winners! I'm a complete novice with a drawing tablet, but I'm determined to get better with my new Wacom! Looking forward to MOR2016... :)
  • dr.sarcasm0In Spanish... "POR QUEEEEEEEE?!" Mark my words... I shall build an army of robots so vile... So evil... You will have no choice but to surrender... Next year! MWAHAHAHAHA!
  • tinspiderThanks man. Had a blast!
  • astutegraphicsCongrats Dacosta on running this wonderful competition!
  • chocolatesoop@astutegraphics CHEERS!!! It's been bags of fun. Some vector projects in the works ;)
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