• theunmommyWay better than driving back out to the suburbs. Riding #CapMetro rail home from #mymusicrx #sxsw kids rock concert at #FaderFort #Austin. Just went hashtag crazy. Reading James Patterson's latest, Public School Superhero-- about a black boy who plays chess and whose superhero "friend" is named Stainlezz Steele. @jamespattersonbooks is a master of getting kids turning and dog-earing pages. @weneeddiversebooks.

  • tangledpressIs he liking it?
  • theunmommyYes! And my scan of the chapters only picked up mild middle school language like "dang, this tastes good", but that's ok. Also there's a chapter that he hasn't come to yet called Egypt is in Africa. That chapter is an illustrated comic book treatment and made me very happy. Can't wait until Zack gets to it. You know we love reflections and reinforcement. lol @tangledpress
  • tangledpressSweet!!! Was trying to stay out of Amazon... Look what u made me do..."place order" in robot voice 👾
  • theunmommyLol. Sorry! 😁 @tangledpress
  • theunmommy#weneeddiversebooks
  • aaw901@navynnavy This is what my beautiful genius nephew thinks about books. Good genes.
  • jenniferborgetYes!!!!!! Do you know I think of you two ALL the time. I want to learn your ways!! Still debating homeschool and these updates always get me excited for the possibility.
  • theunmommy@jenniferborget My official homeschool days end in the fall. Technically, I'll never stop homeschooling, but I will have a few free hours and Zack will get learning time with peers. It's time. lol
  • jenniferborgetWow @HomegirlBlog so happy to hear how this transition goes for you. I've seriously admired you SO MUCH (and still need to chat with ya sometime about the process). It's been so fun to watch you raise Zack. He's such a sweet (and brilliant) young man!
  • theunmommy@jenniferborget you're so sweet for saying that. He's all those things and a little crazy ball of boy energy who feeds on mommy nerves. lol I sure I will homeschool my future kids until first or second grade. I've given him the strongest foundation and wouldn't deny my future kids that. Totally worth it. Let's try to connect this summer when we will both have more free time.
  • moovelThis is awesome! Can we reshare this and credit you? We love seeing the two of you avoiding #ATXTraffic and living the #ridescoutlife!
  • theunmommyOf course!!! @ridescout 😊
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