Side by side baby quilts. I love how you could just sew these 2 together and make one large quilt.
  • nydiakSide by side baby quilts. I love how you could just sew these 2 together and make one large quilt.

  • nydiak@nightquilter once I pick my colors I sew more then needed hst... I knew I wanted more transitional so I sewed many in like pairs... Then I basically just build from the first one I pick up and put on my board
  • nightquilterThank you!! I think I'm going to try one! I absolutely LOVE the look!
  • nydiak@nightquilter that's awesome I really recommend to have a large variety of shades I think that's why it works so well. I used 54 colors I think.
  • nydiak@nightquilter also please tag me cause I'd love to see :)
  • modernbasicsRocked it
  • nightquilterWOW! 54 colors! Charm packs or do you just have that epically awesome of a solid stash?? I will definitely tag you when I try it. Within a year :) (2 lil kids and an impending baby make my progress on projects SLOW) :)
  • nydiak@nightquilter I'm lucky with my stash no charms here... I may have a solids hoarding issue :) you can see the cut fabric in my feed awe congrats on the baby :)
  • nydiak@modernbasics 😘
  • nightquilterYou are a rockstar and I'm SO jealous of your stash!! :) now I'm plotting how I can get my hands on as many different shades as I can without completely breaking the bank ;)
  • nydiak@nightquilter sells 1/8 yards ;) my little secret.
  • nightquilterWell you just tell fabricshack I'm on my way ;)
  • mushyhedLoooooove this!!!!
  • nydiak@mushyhed thanks :)
  • sewpsychdGorgeous!!
  • sunflowergirlsquilt💓
  • theambersimmonsI love the colors in these. @frankieeaster14
  • bleuherron@laurabethcochran The possiblities of Half Square Triangles!
  • iamelisabeeGorgeous! How much yardage of each color did you use per quilt? I'm new to it and am trying to get a good idea of what I should purchase.
  • simpledreamquiltsThe color lay out almost looks pixaliated.
  • louisa_englandThe colours in this are just perfect!
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