• jasondoesstuffLadies and gents, I’m SUPER excited to announce that we’ve signed a lease on an amazing place in San Diego (Poway area)! We’ve been planning to move for months and found an absolutely phenomenal place. Honestly, there aren’t enough adjectives to describe how cool this place is!

    @ckelso and I will be leaving Florida later this month and will be doing an “Everything Must Go!” sale for all the stuff in our home this weekend. Stay tuned for an update on that.
    And it gets better as we’ll be living with @clayhebert and @juliaroy in this badass home for the next year! #YesThatsATreeHouse

  • burgerjunkiesIs that a tree house all up in there?
  • kyleclaytongoreNice!! Congratulations!!
  • clayhebertCan't wait!!
  • ceegilesWoahhh! Tha's awesome!!!! Congrats
  • leahloustyleI'm super stoked for you and @ckelso on this gloriousness!!! I'd also like to talk shop about your arc lamp in the living room. Heehee :)))
  • aimemiyamoto#SuperMisfitFabPad I'm excited all you misfits will be raising our numbers in SD! ;)
  • bluestripecreativeIs that a treehouse?
  • _littlecreativeCongrats! I'm gonna keep stalking you both until you get here 😉
  • sianricho@ckelso ohhh you got it!! hi5 dudes!
  • chayemorYou go! Wohoo! Congrats ;)
  • jessica_rhyan7Congrats!
  • paulgalenetworkThat is pretty epic!
  • nicole_baldinuCannonball!!!!💦💦💦💦....Seriously, congrats guys. This place looks AMAZING!
  • misfitincthat looks like paradise! congratulations!
  • misfitincCongrats! that place looks epic
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