• bobby_heugelEffective immediately, we will no longer be carrying @flordecanarum until Flor de Caña sufficiently address concerns regarding the deadly rates of CKD, chronic kidney disease, found among the population of sugarcane farmers who supply raw materials for rum production. While Flor de Caña is likely not the only producer that needs to address these concerns, there has never been a report this explicit documenting the consequences of farming practices related to spirit production, as shown by the VICE @munchies report issued this week (link in profile). In the village of Chichgalpa for example, the report points out that, "From 2002 to 2012, the disease caused 46% of all male deaths, and 75% of the deaths in men aged 35-55". We have poured our heavy inventory of the rum down the drain. For years, we have leaned on the cost-effective nature of Flor de Caña to generate profits for the bar. Now, it is seems more clear why Flor de Caña's price might be so low, as there seems to be very little concern for those who work in the fields. I estimate this change will easily cost us $10,000 as a bar going forward, as we are by far one of the biggest consumers of Flor de Caña I know of.

    Should the bar industry formally boycott Flor de Caña? I don't know. But, if you feel comfortable pouring a rum that is so explicitly documented to have deadly effects on the people who produce it, I don't know where your moral compass is at. Read the report and make up your own mind, but I would ask you at what point does the bar industry decide to care about the people who produce the products in our bar as much as the people who walk into our bars? If you really care about people as much as you boast about hospitality, don't you have an obligation to widen your heart to people of all walks of life? This type of practice can't be ignored. #FlorDeCanaSink #Rum #Nicaragua #CKD

  • justinseaman07Damn. Recommended substitute?
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  • katleejac@rosesobel @amandacdougherty want to support this with a round of drinks at anvil??
  • amandacdougherty@katleejac absolutely!
  • marks_american_cuisineWasn't aware of this Bobby, thanks for the heads up.
  • bowmanbc@zerohourdesign
  • drinkduchessWow, thank you for this information.
  • nurbana305😳
  • jaacmHuge respect for standing up about this & the Bacardi Mescal news. 👏
  • pallasjessica@abrahamjimenez
  • timothyvictorfaulkneriii@angusoctopusbar
  • tffvkk@thefacultylounge Hey Nayda, thought you might want to see this--
  • thefacultylounge@tffvkk damn, that's some disturbing news, but props to @bobby_heugel for bringing to light
  • gptgptAbout 90k people die in the US from alcohol related deaths. Around 3 mil world wide a year. I don't know, but this post seems hypocritical. Its like supporting an anti African diamond mining cause and then buying your significant other a diamond studded tennis bracelet. Or am I missing something
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  • laurenpbishop@bobby_heugel is anyone doing anything about this?
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