• parkourgenerationsHappy Monday! We have a big week planned, so let’s hope you’re ready.

    We have classes every day, both indoors and out, and something special planned for the weekend.

    First up, our Parkour Elements classes will be running every weekday evening at @chainstoregym. Starting with Passing Obstacles tonight at 6:30 and Swinging and Climbing on Friday, the Elements classes each focus on a specific skill or attribute, such as balance, jumping or flexibility.

    We have a variety of locations for our outdoor classes this week. Monday’s all-abilities class will be at Vauxhall, Thursday’s women’s class will be at Pimlico, Saturday’s beginner class will be at Archway and the infamous Sunday Weekend Wakeup will be at Canada Water.

    The first mixed-ability indoor class of the week is our new 7:00pm offering at Local Motion studios in Wandsworth (please book in via their own Teamup rather than ours), followed closely by our Monday evening Chainstore class. Further mixed ability classes at Chainstore take place on Thursday and Friday, and don’t forget the recently-rebooted Lee Valley on Wednesday. Indoor beginner classes are at Westminster Academy on Tuesday and the @chainstoregym on Wednesday.

    Don’t forget to fit some general conditioning into the week. As well as the relevant Elements classes, we have the weekly Mov’ Fitness class on Tuesday and the Jekyll System’s brand new Bulletproofing for Parkour class at 5:00pm on Friday, just before the 6:30pm Strength for Movement class. If you’re interested in becoming bulletproof, drop Sean an email at seansmithsydney@gmail.com to book a spot.

    Our specialist Obstacle Course Training classes, OCT: Trail and OCT: Assault, will be taking place at the weekend as normal, and we also have a variety of youth classes on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – don’t forget to check out our new Youth Memberships if you or a member of your family is a regular attendee – as well as our unique Family Parkour class at Moberly Sports Centre on Saturday morning.

    Finally, this coming Friday will be the last Night Mission of the year – this is your final chance in 2015, so get in there while you can. Breathe...

  • terryburrHappy Monday
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