What are you thankful for this year? #Thanksgiving
  • thetanyatuckerWhat are you thankful for this year? #Thanksgiving

  • sis_dianeGreat picture! seeing you in concert among other things like family and friends and many other things!
  • rspaun25Pretty as always
  • galleygirl73Ms Tanya. You looking fantabulous 🎼🎶🎹
  • allxspassGrateful that o got to see you in concert in October!
  • amishguy43Wowsers.
  • kadenlovestrainsEverything, but most important Gods deliverance or I would not be where I am today.☺
  • gradymasonHey beautiful
  • butch481I woke up with all my body parts woke up with me.Amen
  • ruthmerete1For traveling from Norway to Nashville next year 👍 Hopefully you may have a consert near by... Greetings from Norway 😙😙😙
  • johntruscottGreat music, even your rocker album from the 80's
  • mistyfI love this pic!
  • cindyb717❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • cyndimccreadyaubryI saw you when I was a kid in Toledo . Long story short I started singing around the house a little bit of the Jamestown ferry and there it began . I had to sing for everyone everywhere I went . I have all your albums and sang in my room all the time . I sang in school in a group that sang all over and then in a band after high school . Your music brings back so many memories in my life . I think I wax about 13 when I saw you . I have sang your songs forever . New your city song ! Loved that one ! Have a happy day and let's sing together ... How fun that would be ! Need a back up singer ? Is sing Jamestown ferry and my dad said ... Hey you sound like her ! Sing this for her , him them !
  • johnecatron@thetanyatucker hello beautiful!!!
  • sheliagrubbsLove this pic of you. Sure are glad to see more of you out and about. You go girl.
  • mic_allenTanya It was a honor to meet you at the Sugar Creek Casino in Hinton Oklahoma last night you are my favorite.singer I just wanted to let you it was great to finally meet take care Mickey Allen
  • wilbdav62You are still very beautiful!!
  • wilbdav62I would love to see you in concert in Nashville as I live in middle Tennessee.
  • earlalfredBeautiful
  • justinwalkercountry;)
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