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Future wife= meaning once I FIND a wife in the "future", because I do not have a wife in the present. #AbstinentUntilMarriage
  • fuel4thebody#MarriageGoals #Growth #EbrahimAseem

    Future wife= meaning once I FIND a wife in the "future", because I do not have a wife in the present. #AbstinentUntilMarriage
  • sovereignqueencyrene@mopptop It truly is! It's reassuring to know that we aren't alone and that there are men that are also on a mental and spiritual journey in search of the same progress and growth that we are. It's a blessing.
  • lovely_deedzFor me, 32 months w/o sex and counting! I find it very encouraging to see that other women (my age or younger/older) are waiting until they're married! I know its easy to have sex and give into your desires, but it will never be as fulfilling as meeting someone who stimulates your mind, who makes you think before he makes you cum, who tells you what you NEED to hear instead of just what you want to hear. Most importantly, they push you to grow up and to stay aware of your goals/dreams/ambitions and their actions always show that they truly care!
  • ieshjust19I went 3 years without sex. ... lol I guess I'm alone on this one
  • magnolia_lioness3.5 years here! It's worth it!
  • lovely_twila4.5 years. Nothing missed about it. Enjoying my relationship with Jesus until He's ready to send me a husband. Thanking Him for discernment and being my life partner, giving me the confidence, strength, comfort and peace to not settle. 🙌
  • naomibflySo great to see that a man is waiting for his wife. I am currently working on my relationship with God and waiting for my future husband. So great to have encouragement from young people of God that want to wait till marraige. This is so refreshing makes me excited for the future. Im Praying we all reach our goals. It may be a struggle a times but the reward will be worthwhile keep the faith. @fuel4thebody God Bless ♡♥
  • godsprciusgft2uFebruary will make 5 yrs since and I'm enjoying every minute of denying my flesh and enjoying my relationship with God! ❤
  • godsprciusgft2u@e_burn_716 @qtknee @brooklyngurl44 his page is great! #FollowHim☺☺☺
  • shonta_greeneSet that thang on up then boi!!! I hear ya!!!
  • itscocochantel#personalgoal🙌
  • kim.o.no#currentgoal
  • cherease_marqueeI'm on my third year. Most people, unaware of spiritual reality, have auras that are open and defenseless against invasion by other energies. When they have indiscriminate contact with others, such as hugging out of mere politeness, they are vulnerable to unwanted energetic exchange.
    Likewise, many people don’t know there is no such thing as “casual sex.” During sexual activity, the aura is wide open and vulnerable to whatever energies are attached to the other person. Many a person has acquired negative energy, which adversely affects their life, from one-night stands and a “friendship” with “benefits.” While this is a spiritual truth and a practical fact that is not popular in a culture that prides itself in sexual liberation, not all that is called “progress” is truly progress! If you are going to have sex with an essential stranger (someone you have not entered into a commitment with and that you do not really know that well) then the use of conscious auric protection is essential, even though this won’t be enough over the long haul. The only answer is: if you can’t have heart-centered sex with someone you truly know and truly love, don’t!Every time you sleep with someone you not only give them a little piece of you, but your also picking up their entities (spirits) good or bad. These can be spirits of depression, gambling, hopelessness etc.... Sex is not just physical but spiritual
  • nazy_romero@brianaxrs
  • aysmith761This is awesome! Glad to see I'm not alone and that men are actually doing this too! 😁 aysmith1 on Fb
  • chosen_for_this7 years since October 2008, I promised god to wait on my husband! Every minute was worth getting to know myself! I enjoyed this article!
  • iamjolisarena@l0vette7
  • l0vette7@4evernickey
  • nicholee.tonii@tallladylove
  • tallladylove@4evernickey see there are men out there who will sustain for the right one.
  • royalchic72Likewise
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