• ruusssoFood is an integral part of any culture and it goes hand-in-hand with travel. The last time I was in Singapore, I only stayed for a few days and didn't get to do much BUT I did discover the BEST KAYA which is in Bugis.
    I would love to visit again so I can have my Kaya, enjoy local gastro-adventures, and share this Singapore experience with fellow foodies slash travel junkies, @sobarney and his wife PLUS my favorite travel buddy who needs to get out of his comfort zone of Spam, bacon, and hotdogs. 😀

    We've been making plans for trips but they never push through, so probably this time, it will happen. A reunion and food trip sound like fun.Ü

    #SingaporeInvites #Philippines

  • ruussso#yoursingapore #russgirltravels #foodtrip
  • almageneceraIt's Singapore best food KAYA 👍👍👍
  • ruussso@visit_singapore #YesSingaporeInvites 😎
  • ckchung8851I will pay a visit there someday :D
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